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Date: 10/05/00

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    Forget DH. I have just come from the most disheartening event in years. There was
    a protest at the Mario Savio steps at UC Berkeley over the Israeli massacre of
    Palestinians. Attendance: two hundred! At a campus with over 30,000 students,
    faculty, and employees. Of that 200, half were Palestinians and their supporters,
    about two dozen of us. The other half were campus people interested in hearing
    the speakers, who included Jeff Blankfort, about as well-informed at first-hand
    from repeated visits as one can be, and myself, the two of us trying to uphold
    that famous Jewish ethic professional Jews (I don't mean Jewish professionals)
    are endlessly bragging to the world about. The Palestinians included a brilliant
    speaker and two moving speakers, but the thousands who pass this busiest point on
    campus at lunchtime just went their normal ways.
        Doesn't anyone have a heart any more? I read all kinds of stuff on e-mall
    about the U'wa, the East Timorese and god knows what other oppressed groups
    demanding attention, but here is a case of a people being held down by vast
    annual injections of American arms (U.S. aid to Israel, all forms, works out to
    $25,000 per Israeli! When is your government going to give you that much?), with
    massacres of children every five years or so (remember the camp in Lebanon in
    1996? Sabra-Shatillah earlier?)
        But "progressive" lists like this one haven't had a word. Feh!
                                                                    Bill Mandel wrote:
    > Roz - Why do you think Lefties respond to D.H.? I did it because he was
    > attacking a friend of mine and me by name. So I guess that was a mixture of
    > loyalty and ego. In other cases do people think they can actually win an
    > arguement with D.H. I hope not, because the differences are over class
    > identification and really that is not subject to logical debate.  The issues
    > involved are settled in the street and battle fields and not on a list like
    > this. The differences with D.H. are not like the other disagreements that
    > come up here and are subject to softening through discussion. And why does DH
    > come here?  To prove  to right-wing Republicans that he really practices what
    > he preaches to them. He tells them to get of their duffs and fight us. And
    > his role in de-stabilizing this list proves him a person of his word. Alas we
    > cooperate.
    > Stew Albert

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