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Date: 09/30/00

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    Goodness knows, dear David, that you are an expert on things feminist;
    especially from your male privileged perspective. And yes, I am being
    sarcastic. 60 years of exposure to academia will not educate you nearly as
    much as 24 hours in a male dominated world as a 2nd class citizen. I am
    trying to say, politely, that you don't know squat about the benefits of the
    feminist movement. And I doubt that you are open-minded about it. An open
    mind is something I have yet to see you demonstrate.
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    > Bob Dylan yes. Non-violent peace yes. As for women, somebody has to
    convince me
    > that the feminist movement did more good than it did damage. Personally I
    > most of the gains for women (wider range of options) stem from the pill,
    > freed women to enter the workplace. Except for a few areas e.g., athletics
    > (which I support) and combat (which I don't), it doesn't seem to me like
    > was much resistance to anything that really benefited women. I'm
    open-minded on
    > this and am interested in hearing other points of view.
    > Tony Edmonds wrote:
    > > David Horowitz wrote:
    > >
    > > >A good two cents. Here's some good things about the Sixties: The Civil
    > > Rights Acts. The
    > > >Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Otis Redding. A broader and more inclusive
    > > public space.
    > > >Some great outdoor parties. A sense (albeit illusory) that we were
    > > a community.
    > >
    > > Would you include the women's movement, at least parts of it, in your
    > > space rubric?  How about principled,. non-violent antiwar activity?  And
    > > where is Bod Dylan, damnit!
    > >
    > > Tony Edmonds
    > > Ball State University

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