Re: [sixties-l] New Movie on SDS

From: Tony Edmonds (
Date: 09/30/00

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    David Horowitz wrote:
    Personally I think
    >most of the gains for women (wider range of options) stem from the pill,
    >freed women to enter the workplace. Except for a few areas e.g., athletics
    >(which I support) and combat (which I don't), it doesn't seem to me like
    >was much resistance to anything that really benefited women. I'm
    open-minded on
    >this and am interested in hearing other points of view.
    I think it was certainly more than the pill that led to an increase in women
    in the workplace.  And obviously the terms "feminism" and "women's movement"
    are so broad as to be almost vacuous.  There are experts on this list who
    can certainly respond in more detail.  And I'd be interested in suggestions
    of a book or two that give a fair and balanced view of the nature and causes
    of these gains for women--suitable for an academic who knows some but not a
    lot about the issue.
    Tony Edmonds
    Ball State University

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