Re: [sixties-l] My Only Comment on this stuff

From: David Horowitz (
Date: 09/29/00

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    Actually I had lunch with Fred some years ago. The difference between Fred you is that he
    used his intelligence to fight for freedom and you dedicated yours to the defense of the
    most monstrous tyranny the world has ever known. Apparently in a long life you have learned
    nothing. How sad.
    William M Mandel wrote:
    > It will disappoint David Horowitz to know that, at the Rethinking Marxism conference at
    > U. Mass., Amherst, last week, with 1,200 (one thousand two hundred) attendees, there was
    > absolutely none of the infighting among CPers, Trotskyists, Maoists, Dunayevskyites and
    > whatever that characterized the American Left for the past eighty years. Moreover, most
    > of those present had come to Marxism subsequent to the '60s, being not over forty-five.
    > These are serious, remarkably well-read scholars who in very many cases are activists
    > outside the lecture hall as well.
    >      Every once in a while, I get a kick out of coming upon a photo someone gave me
    > nearly forty years ago showing Horowitz standing and applauding me like crazy after my
    > debate before an overflow audience in U.C. Berkeley's Wheeler Auditorium with the then
    > and now head of the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, Dr. Fred Schwarz. I wonder how
    > David and Fred get along today?
    > Ted Morgan wrote:
    > >
    > > David, why don't you chill out.  Yes, people should ignore your posts; by
    > > not-ignoring them, they are contributing to the exit of people from this list, even
    > > if they're not the instigators.  But, hey, spare us the "true Stalinist," "sappy
    > > involvement," etc.  I hear so much projection in these dismissive names --projections
    > > of what you may have been in the 60s, that today you truly regret.  Fine, but please
    > > recognize none of us is getting anywhere with this.  Why not just hold on to your own
    > > explanation of "close-minded leftists" on lists like these and let it go?  We'd
    > > appreciate it.  See ya,
    > >
    > > Ted Morgan

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