Re: [sixties-l] New Movie on SDS

From: David Horowitz (
Date: 09/29/00

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    Adolph Coors is dead.
    monkerud wrote:
    > Has anyone signed on to any of the right wing listserves? I suppose they
    > may just harrass you until you leave. Maybe there's a money making
    > opportunity here for someone who wants to earn a few bucks bucks by hacking
    > into the D. Horowitz servers, or the NRA or whatever.
    > I find kill the posts from DH because they are mere attacks and offer
    > nothing constructative to any dialogue. The accuse and condemn. Some are
    > principally opposed to kicking anyone off any list or out of any meeting..
    > we're not talking government censorship here, but anyone has the right to
    > exclude or include anyone in any discussion at any time for whatever
    > reason.
    > The other thing to do is merely carry on with discussion and ignore the
    > attacks. Be fair warned though, some have been rejected so often that it's
    > a regular, accepted state of affairs and they never get the message.
    > And yet, I'd like to know who is paying this guy Horowitz, a discredited
    > former leftist who found that he could make money by attacking the left. I
    > did learn something from the discussion about the guy in the past, mainly
    > that the right wing has a lot at stake here and people like Adolph Coors
    > will pay incredible amounts to protect their position, even stooping to
    > using lackeys...
    > best, Don Monkerud
    > >In a message dated 9/26/00 11:52:49 PM Central Daylight Time,
    > > writes:
    > >
    > ><< As there was evidence presented here that Horowitz is getting paid to
    > > disrupt and attack forums like this one and if it is true, I would ask
    > > Horowitz to leave. >>
    > >
    > >  The above is a point worthy of consideration.  While there
    > >  should be dissent and criticism of left-wing viewpoints on a
    > >  list of this nature, anyone who makes his living as a
    > >  professional right-winger is in a different class, and has motives
    > >  which differ from critics participating in a voluntary and
    > >  uncompensated fashion.
    > >
    > >     ~ Michael Wright

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