[sixties-l] [sixties-list] Deleting yourself

From: Kathleen Rout (rout@pilot.msu.edu)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 16:19:38 CUT

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    Country Joe wrote:
     But what good will a 60's list be to
    anyone if it is such a bummer reading most of the posts that you just
    wind up deleting and eventually unsubscribing.

    I agree absolutely! I don't know or care deeply about the GNP of the
    countries of the world or who invests in them or why they are doing well or
    poorly, but I do see where anyone could use isolated pieces of data
    regarding wealth, migration patterns or local histories and do anything
    he/she wanted to with them. I no longer attempt to read the windy attacks
    and counter attacks in the Horowitz-Blankfort exchange. Kay

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