[sixties-l] 60s couse query

From: Alex Bloom (abloom@wheatonma.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 13:47:33 CUT

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    John D'Emilio, who is not on this list, has asked that I post the
    following. He is preparing a course on the 60s. Replies can be made to
    the list or to him, directly, at: Demilioj@aol.com


    --articles [or chapters] about Chicano politics and militancy, especially
    something that might give an overview, or that dramatically zooms in on a
    particular event or struggle?

    --material on the 1965 Immigration Act revision? now that I live in
    Chicago, the significance of the act is dramatically visible every day,
    particularly on my campus.

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