[sixties-l] Phil Ochs in 1972

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 00:32:44 CUT

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    From: Kenn Thomas (kennthomas@umsl.edu)

    I just transcribed this Phil Ochs tape from the collection here and thought
    you might appreciate it.


    Phil Ochs at a George McGovern Fund-raising Benefit, Wittenberg University,
    Ohio, October 30, 1972.

    Well, here I am in the great state of Ohio again...

    The Bells

    3:30 White Boots Marching In A Yellow Land

    6:24 You know, I came from a different generation in a decade way back known
    os the sixties. Um, back then the kids didn't sit around taking [Quaalude?]
    and downers and uppers. They got involved and got upset when a couple of
    million were murdered. It's not like that today anymore. Here's a flashback
    to the old times.

    6:47 I'm Going To Say It Now
    9:23 If Nixon gets back in, it's the end of America as we know it. It's
    going to be fascism here, the end of the Supreme Court, the end of civil
    liberties, the end of free journalism. The camps will be here, there's no
    doubt about that. Here's a vision about ten or twenty years after they take
    over, if they do, if they're not stopped this year.

    9:56 Ringing of Revolution

    13:50 In order to have fascism as a growing concert, you've gotta have some
    respect for the armed forces. That one thing, one area where they made a

    14:39 Is There Anybody There?

    16:50 Boy In Ohio

    20:00 I Ain't Marching Anymore

    23:17 Here's a song written about a southern state in a former time, now a
    song about a symbol of evil...

    23:30 Here's To The State of Mississippi (substitutes "Richard Nixon" for

    27:17 [off mike question] Huh? The trip? Which one? I've been taking a lot
    of trips. In the last two years I spent a lot of time down in South America
    and then this year I went to Haiti and then Australia, Tahiti, New Zealand
    and all over southeast Asia, just looking around. I sang in Australia. Not
    as bad a place as it looks from the outside. It's very nice there. They've
    got a very strong Marxist union leadership. They didn't [purge off] the
    Communists like they did here. The George Meany over there is a Marxist, a
    fantastic guy.

    Funny thing is, whenever I leave America, I always feel great. I feel years
    younger but after a while I always miss America and want to come back to it.
    Less and less as the years go by, as the country gets increasingly boring.
    Lifeless culture. Five years from now everyday they're going to have a
    thousand football games, a thousand football teams, basketball games,
    baseball games, boxing matches, every single day, with [computer pics for
    all of them]. Anything to take your mind off the rot...

    29:40 When I'm Gone

    32:16 [applause]

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