[sixties-l] Takin' It to the Streets

From: Alex Bloom (abloom@wheatonma.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 13:41:48 CUT

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    Dear Friends...

    Wini Breines and I have been asked by Oxford to bring out a second
    edition of Takin' it to the Streets, our 60s reader.

    We have been given only a small amount of additional space, so whatever
    additions we make have to come at the expense of some other deletions. I
    am contacting people on this list to ask for your advice.

    We always envisioned this book for classroom use and I hope that
    some of you who have used it in class will tell us what you like, what
    could go, what worked well, what didn't work, and what additions are
    needed. If you have specific suggestions that would be wonderful, but
    general areas of omissions or redundancy would also be helpful.

    You can e-mail me back directly (abloom@wheatonma.edu) or just back to
    this list.

    We appreciate any assistance you can offer. We want his book to continue to
    be useful for those of us who teach courses that cover this period.

    Thanks for any help.

    Alex Bloom

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