[sixties-l] July 4 Montery CA parade

From: Joe McDonald (joe@countryjoe.com)
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 02:29:03 CUT

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    i know that the list and the country have ambivalent feelings about
    military service and military veterans but i thought you might find
    interesting this remarkable gathering of anti war veterans. i
    personally feel privileged to be included.

      July 4, 2000 Montery California Parade

    This year VETERANS FOR PEACE has entered the official city of Montery
    Calif 4th of July Parade

    Leading the Veterans For Peace contingent in 3 separate cars, on foot
    and on one hand crank bicycle will be:

    BRIAN WILSON, air force captain, Vietnam veteran, riding bicycle.

    walking with his wife behind the VFP banner will be:

    JEREMEY SLATE, navy electricians mate, WW2 vet, Normandy invasion vet

    In the first car:

    PHIL BUTLER, navy commander, Vietnam veteran, 8 yrs Hanoi Hilton.
    CHARLES LITEKY, army chaplain, Medal Of Honor winner, Vietnam vet.
    HILDA ROBERTS, volunteer nurse, Abraham Lincoln brigade, Spanish civil
    war 1936 and army nurse WW2.

    In the second car:

    COUNTRY JOE MCDONALD, navy, air traffic control, Vietnam era.
    HUGH THOMPSON, army Vietnam helicopter pilot, Soldiers Medal for herosim
                    My Lai.
    LARRY COLBURN, army Vietnam helicopter door gunner, Soldiers Medal for
            heroism at My Lai.

    in the third car:

    ARLENE SMITH, navy WAVE WW2 vet, Adm Nimitzs driver at Alameda Naval
    Air Station
    RALPH NONELLA, army combat medic, Purple Heart, Korean war
    RAYMOND NONELLA, army, US Atomic Test vet 1957

    Have a safe and sane Independence Day, country joe mcdonald

    -- "Ira Furor Brevis Est " - Anger is a brief madness

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