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Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 19:24:40 CUT

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    It would be a privilege for anyone to be in that company. I have
    forwarded this to the Navy veteran who was in the same time as
    you, because he did a video about Brian Wilson. I am indirectly
    related to Hilda Roberts via my greatgranddaughter.
                                                    Bill Mandel

    Joe McDonald wrote:
    > i know that the list and the country have ambivalent feelings about
    > military service and military veterans but i thought you might find
    > interesting this remarkable gathering of anti war veterans. i
    > personally feel privileged to be included.
    > July 4, 2000 Montery California Parade
    > This year VETERANS FOR PEACE has entered the official city of Montery
    > Calif 4th of July Parade
    > Leading the Veterans For Peace contingent in 3 separate cars, on foot
    > and on one hand crank bicycle will be:
    > BRIAN WILSON, air force captain, Vietnam veteran, riding bicycle.
    > walking with his wife behind the VFP banner will be:
    > JEREMEY SLATE, navy electricians mate, WW2 vet, Normandy invasion vet
    > In the first car:
    > PHIL BUTLER, navy commander, Vietnam veteran, 8 yrs Hanoi Hilton.
    > CHARLES LITEKY, army chaplain, Medal Of Honor winner, Vietnam vet.
    > HILDA ROBERTS, volunteer nurse, Abraham Lincoln brigade, Spanish civil
    > war 1936 and army nurse WW2.
    > In the second car:
    > COUNTRY JOE MCDONALD, navy, air traffic control, Vietnam era.
    > HUGH THOMPSON, army Vietnam helicopter pilot, Soldiers Medal for herosim
    > at
    > My Lai.
    > LARRY COLBURN, army Vietnam helicopter door gunner, Soldiers Medal for
    > heroism at My Lai.
    > in the third car:
    > ARLENE SMITH, navy WAVE WW2 vet, Adm Nimitzs driver at Alameda Naval
    > Air Station
    > RALPH NONELLA, army combat medic, Purple Heart, Korean war
    > RAYMOND NONELLA, army, US Atomic Test vet 1957
    > Have a safe and sane Independence Day, country joe mcdonald
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