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Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 17:52:43 CUT

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    Now that was a great post. I would disagree only with your label:
    "World War II Consciousness." That was also the consciousness of
    World War I and, for this country, the Spanish-American War
    including the conquest of the Philippines and the conversion of
    Cuba from a Spanish colony to an American semi-colony. It is the
    consciousness of the imperialist stage of capitalism, as your
    mother, whom I deeply admired, would have agreed.
       About twenty years ago, your mother and I were part of a panel
    at the Berkeley-Oakland Jewish Community Center on Jewish
    activism, in which each speaker covered a decade. I think she did
    the Thirties. The Center would have an archived tape. I think
    you'd enjoy it.
                                                    Bill Mandel

    Joe McDonald wrote:
    > William Mandel wrote:
    > > Simply a matter of fact. The World War II generation is not in
    > > power. Neither Clinton nor Gore. Clinton is younger than you,
    > > Joe. There may still be a couple of WW II-age people on the
    > > Supreme Court, but a minority. Also a few Congressional Committee
    > > heads, very few. Likewise, industry and the banks and
    > > transportation and the army are all run by post-WW II people.
    > > Even Colin Powell, now retired, started in Korea, a whole
    > > different thing than WWII.
    > > Bill Mandel
    > >
    > You know Bill you hit it right on the head! There are 2 groups in the 60's
    > generation: one that did nothing really and one that did it all. The ones that did
    > it all: dropped acid, lived in communes, went to rock dances, smoke pot, took
    > drugs, wore old clothes, went through boot camp, went of advanced infantry
    > training, went to nam, got stoned on opium and heroin. killed and maimed and hacked
    > and hewed. That second group learned that IT DON'T MEAN SHIT!
    > Now to a well learned person like yourself it must seem like a pretty
    > unsophisticated philosophical statement. But don't you know what group Bill
    > Clinton, Collin Powell, Madaline Albright, Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, et al fall into?!
    > No you don't and that is the big problem. My mother Florence McDonald, the famous
    > progressive politician from Berkeley and Washington DC told me once "it's a shame
    > that the old leaders just wont step down they just want to be in control for ever".
    > Hells Bells if we were in charge pot would be legal; gender would not be an issue;
    > people would work flex time and communally; the military would be moving towards
    > being a democratic entity like every other entity in America; being homosexual
    > would no longer be a crime; guns would be highly regulated; military personnel
    > would get paid a living wage....and that is just for starters. No Bill Mandel not
    > me nor any of my close friends are in real positions of power in America today. It
    > is not age but consciousness that matters in the 60's and post 60's generations.
    > Some of us have had our minds expanded to the IT DON'T MEAN SHIT point and some of
    > us still want to believe that it all must mean something...well it don't.
    > The World War 2 Consciousness is alive and well in all the power houses of America
    > today and that WWII mentality makes about as much sense in the present as thinking
    > the world is flat.
    > cheers, country joe mcdonald
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