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Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 03:41:18 CUT

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    William Mandel wrote:

    > Simply a matter of fact. The World War II generation is not in
    > power. Neither Clinton nor Gore. Clinton is younger than you,
    > Joe. There may still be a couple of WW II-age people on the
    > Supreme Court, but a minority. Also a few Congressional Committee
    > heads, very few. Likewise, industry and the banks and
    > transportation and the army are all run by post-WW II people.
    > Even Colin Powell, now retired, started in Korea, a whole
    > different thing than WWII.
    > Bill Mandel

    You know Bill you hit it right on the head! There are 2 groups in the 60's
    generation: one that did nothing really and one that did it all. The ones that did
    it all: dropped acid, lived in communes, went to rock dances, smoke pot, took
    drugs, wore old clothes, went through boot camp, went of advanced infantry
    training, went to nam, got stoned on opium and heroin. killed and maimed and hacked
    and hewed. That second group learned that IT DON'T MEAN SHIT!

    Now to a well learned person like yourself it must seem like a pretty
    unsophisticated philosophical statement. But don't you know what group Bill
    Clinton, Collin Powell, Madaline Albright, Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, et al fall into?!
    No you don't and that is the big problem. My mother Florence McDonald, the famous
    progressive politician from Berkeley and Washington DC told me once "it's a shame
    that the old leaders just wont step down they just want to be in control for ever".

    Hells Bells if we were in charge pot would be legal; gender would not be an issue;
    people would work flex time and communally; the military would be moving towards
    being a democratic entity like every other entity in America; being homosexual
    would no longer be a crime; guns would be highly regulated; military personnel
    would get paid a living wage....and that is just for starters. No Bill Mandel not
    me nor any of my close friends are in real positions of power in America today. It
    is not age but consciousness that matters in the 60's and post 60's generations.
    Some of us have had our minds expanded to the IT DON'T MEAN SHIT point and some of
    us still want to believe that it all must mean something...well it don't.

    The World War 2 Consciousness is alive and well in all the power houses of America
    today and that WWII mentality makes about as much sense in the present as thinking
    the world is flat.

    cheers, country joe mcdonald

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