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From: Joe McDonald (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 03:47:00 CUT

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    "James T. Curran" wrote:

    > Joe McDonald wrote:
    > > yes there should be an archive somewhere maybe the oakland museum is the
    > > place. E! ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION is doing a 2 hour special in the
    > > fall on ms fonda and interviewed me about the FTA show and i volunteered
    > > the movie to them if they let me take it to the place to make a copy for
    > > them. we shall see what happens.
    > I would suggest you make several copies of it before giving to the
    > Museum or E!. Then spot those copies with trusted friends. Then hide
    > the master securely and give only copies to these entities. If,
    > perchance, Ms. Fonda and even more so her husband Turner should feel
    > they would be very embarassed by the tape, you might well see your
    > master mysteriously disappear. A lawsuit and a cease and desist order
    > would probably be the least of your problems. CYA.

    well in my business getting sued by Jane Fonda and Ted Turner would be the
    best thing that's happened to me since the audience yelled back FUCK! there
    are about 50 copies floating around out there....but thanks one can't be too
    careful. cheers, country joe mcdonald

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