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    Christie has a good point.
    I am interested in the present as well. What about those of us who were
    active in the anti-war movement which became far more than protesting
    against the war? What are we doing now? How does it relate to our past?
    Where should we go from here? How united can we become in order to really
    improve the lives of the people in our communities and the country as a
    So long for now,

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    > I, too, agree with Cuntry Joe's comments on the kinds of discouse going
    > on. But I would go even further and say that I am dismayed that people
    > aren't writing about their present work more often and styill find time
    > to argue about things past. What's the point? I, for one, am still too
    > involved in the present to have time to argue or even listen, much less
    > to have to spend time deleting all of this. There is some good stuff
    > coming through as well. (William Mandelll is particular.) But am thinking
    > of dropping out because much of this is just tedious. What I want is
    > the perspective of people like yourselves on all of the important issues
    > going on today which are affecting our world and our future, not
    > ruminations about our past. Perhaps i am a minority here and if so, will
    > bow out soon.
    > C. Christie
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