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Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 16:27:14 CUT

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    Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:

    > brass plaques that try to
    > bring honor where there was none are surely a guarantee of further tragedies.


    > As Vietnam Veterans Against The War say now "honor the warrior not the war".
    > Most people are not aware of the Uniform Code of Military Justice which governs
    > the actions of military personnel. Also most people forget that most
    > individuals are "forced" into the military by national laws or even by family
    > pressure. Elizabeth Koobler Ross, the internationally acknowledged expert on
    > death and dying tells us that in cases of violent and unnatural death (and that
    > is all war deaths in my opinion) unless the corpse is touched there is no
    > closure. i have seen this closure take place when names are put up on
    > monuments. Is is fair to doom family and friends to un healing and lack of
    > closure for life because of adventuristic and oppertunistic behavior by their
    > govenments?

    Lack of compassion accomplishes very little in life except a continuation of
    xenophobia and anger. How strange that there is no national or international
    movement of any size to abolish armies. Yet years are spent raising and training
    individuals for war. And we have no time to put a human face upon the war dead so
    that we can be reminded all the time of their sacrifice to our inability to "get
    along" in a non violent way.

    i for one have found great satisfaction in this work and do believe that if we
    were to publicly acknowledge each and every war dead individual every day we would
    end war. During the Vietnam War the presence of casualty lists on television
    every day created a climate against the war. Also the Life Magazine which printed
    pictures of a weeks worth of American Vietnam War Dead moved the public toward a
    ending the war.

    Please feel free to visit our Interactive Vietnam Veterans War Memorial on the
    City of Berkeley California home page and read the comments left on each dead
    soldiers page and tell me that you are not deeply moved. Such intense feelings
    lead to thoughts which can change actions and bring us closer to a world of peace
    and harmony.

    For me anyway, there is a feeling of honoring the service and sacrifice of
    comrades here. i know that feeling is not shared by everyone. But i do not want
    their deaths to be for nothing. cheers, country joe mcdonald


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