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From: Ron Cabral (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 16:51:47 CUT

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    If your idea holds, then why don't we make a nice memorial in Arlington for
    the poor Waffen SS and Japanese troops who went down at the Battle of the
    Bulge or Iwo Jima and put it next to the new WW2 Memorial building being
    built in the Capitol MALL...TOTALLY INSANE what are you thinking?

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    >Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 16:46:01
    >From: Steve Warren <>
    >Subject: Re: Vietnam War Memorial
    > This may be a crazy idea, but why limit it to the American dead? The
    > Vietnamese aren't "the enemy" anymore - if they ever were - and if you
    > believe in an afterlife they're all bunking together now. How about a
    > memorial to all the dead of that war in hopes of preventing the next one?
    > steve warren
    > i am curious if the list has any comments or thoughts on this subject of
    > memorializing the American Vietnam War dead.
    > cheers, country joe mcdonald

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