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From: William Mandel (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 19:51:04 CUT

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    Do we burden ourselves with the past or do we learn from it? Even
    if only to know what not to burden ourselves with. Beating a dead
    horse is a waste of time, but knowing what the horse died from
    will help save others today and in the future.
                             William Mandel

    Christine Kingsley wrote:
    > I, too, agree with Cuntry Joe's comments on the kinds of discouse going
    > on. But I would go even further and say that I am dismayed that people
    > aren't writing about their present work more often and styill find time
    > to argue about things past. What's the point? I, for one, am still too
    > involved in the present to have time to argue or even listen, much less
    > to have to spend time deleting all of this. There is some good stuff
    > coming through as well. (William Mandelll is particular.) But am thinking
    > of dropping out because much of this is just tedious. What I want is
    > the perspective of people like yourselves on all of the important issues
    > going on today which are affecting our world and our future, not
    > ruminations about our past. Perhaps i am a minority here and if so, will
    > bow out soon.
    > C. Christie
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