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Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 00:44:01 CUT

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    Joe: Please explain something to me. Anyone who went to fight in
    Vietnam went to a country incapable of hurting the United States:
    no air force, no fleet. The simplest kid with any kind of
    morality whatever -- religious, you name it -- was capable of
    understanding that. So he was an invader, a killer of people who
    couldn't do anything to his country. Why should I memorialize
    such people?
          In all sincerity,
                           Bill Mandel

    Joe McDonald wrote:
    > > In the last few years i have performed 2 times at the Vietnam Veterans
    > > Memorial in Washington DC, both Memorial Day and Veterans Day of the 10
    > > Anniversary year. i am listed on their stationary as a member of the
    > > Honorary Advisory Committee and have been since 1982. i have built the
    > > world's first ever interactive war memorial on the City of Berkeley
    > > California Home Page, its 4th Anniversary will be this Veterans Day 2000. i
    > > was instrumental in having a bronze placque installed permanently on the
    > > City of Berkeley Veterans' Memorial Building. i was instrumental in having
    > > the City of Beacon, New York, the home town of the folk singer Peter
    > > Seeger, honor its Vietnam War Casualties. i have been working now for 5
    > > years on getting the city of San Francsico California to honor it's 162
    > > Vietnam War Casualites with a bronze placque and also an internet Memorial
    > > Site. i plan to discuss the same with Mayor Jerry Brown of Oakland
    > > California to coincide with the Oakland Museum's 2003 exhibit NEXT STOP IS
    > > VIETNAM. i have facilitated the presence on a travelling Vietnam War
    > > Memorial in the City of Berkeley, and San Francisco, California. i was
    > > instrumental in having a travelling Vietnam War Memorial present at the
    > > 30th Anniversary Celebration in Golden Gate Park a few years back and a
    > > reading of all of the names of those Americans killed in the American War
    > > in Vietnam during the Summer of Love.
    > As a U S Navy volunteer enlistee and honorably discharged Vietnam War Era
    > Veteran i assume the responsibility of honoring the deaths of my comrades in
    > the military during that conflict. As the only visible person from my
    > generation who is not only a known anti war activist, a red diaper baby and a
    > Vietnam Era military veteran i have taken it upon myself to try and
    > facilitate the wounds inflicted upon my generation by the American War in
    > Vietnam. i am not ashamed of my anti war activities, my Communist background
    > nor my military service.
    > i am curious if the list has any comments or thoughts on this subject of
    > memorializing the American Vietnam War dead.
    > cheers, country joe mcdonald
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