Re: [sixties-l] Brewing hatred of the baby boomer generation

Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 04:52:56 CUT

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    << Although 58,000 of us died in Vietnam and another 300,000 became injured,
     war was within US borders -- a war against arcane values and a hegemonic
     political and social power structure.

    That has now been replaced with a pseudo-hegemonic elevation of PC and
    narcissistic feel-goodism. Same pressure...different packaging. As for
    "arcane" values, that is hardly a descriptive term...more of a case of

     Because of many noble sacrifices
     1) Never again will a million US citizens be sent to fight in an undeclared
    Don't be too sure of that. While we may not have a draft, we continue to
    fight undeclared Kosovo, Kuwait. So far, you are right...but the
    trend is NOT good.

     2) Never again will women live in this society as second-class citizens;
    Women have made great strides...but some would argue that they remain
    second-class citizens. Even then, most of the noble sacrifices for women
    were made BY women...across generational lines.

     3) Never again will racial minorities suffer segregation and discrimination
     sponsored by sectors of our government and its institutions;
    See point number 2.

     4) Never again will companies paternalistically and autocratically control
     employee's lives;
    Oh really? I see today as just as paternalistic and autocratic as the is just better disguised and sold...via the packaging and marketing
    genius of many baby boomers. Screw human rights...let's sell more Big Macs
    to China.

     5) Never again will companies dump poisons unabated into the natural
    This never stopped, it only slowed....and on top of that, it bred a
    hypersensitivity to anything and everything "environmental"...whatever THAT
    term means any more.

    I applaud your defense of the boomers, but I find it rather simplistic and
    dare I speak like a whiney Gen-Xer, extremely self-saluting. I enjoyed it


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