Re: [sixties-l] Brewing hatred of the baby boomer generation

Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 07:32:00 CUT

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    I must agree with Bill Mandel that Brent's letter to the Times is
    over-optimistic that "never again" will (or has) the nation sent millions to
    an undeclared war, women been second-class citizens, etc. However, I salute
    Brent for sending this letter, for challenging the article's agist and
    reactionary revision of us--that is, Bill's "generation", mine, Brent's, each
    of yours ("generations" are kind of short in U.S. language, aren't they?).
    As for employers, I have to say that my own lib-speaking autocratic nonprofit
    employer seems quite happy to attack me and any other ancient rad it dares
    without too obviously overstepping our so-called labor laws; and I guess
    those of us who live in the Bay Area noted the case this winter of the
    lib-chic-yuppie Express paper dropping longtime Left political columnist Paul
    Rauber (or did it just behave so as to make him want to leave?), and...well,
    and lots of other cases. Not only is the autocratic paternalism of employers
    still functioning--and strongly, anyone checked into union membership
    statistics lately?--but one of the functions seems to be quite in line with
    exactly their glitz-media revision--"Over the hill and
    under the sod with you, Sixties radicals!" Hey, who controls the present
    controls the, etc.
      Nevertheless, venceremos--or some "we" will, anyway.

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