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From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 06:41:55 CUT

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    It is wonderful to welcome you back, Sixties list. It has been my good
    fortune to meet several fine web comrades, to learn new viewpoints, and to
    help (I hope!) through interviews several historians studying the sixties,
    through this site; it is obviously a valuable site, and thank you, anonymous,
    for making possible its return.
      As mentioned in Brent Green's post, I had suggested and he, I, and 3 or 4
    others through the sixties list were planning a website offering chapters of
    our sixties novels; although delayed by miscellaneous problems, the
    project/possibility still exists, as I don't think Brent's post made clear,
    and I invite those (still, or newly) intersted to email me. While Brent's
    novel is about to appear in print, and mine is being circulated by a literary
    agent, the value of such a website for all of us writing the (necessarily
    radical/subversive) literature of/on the sixties remains, and I think is
    obvious. --Join us--let's see if we can make this possible-- The Sixties
    list has indeed been fruitful in many ways.
     Paula Friedman

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