Black Panthers (multiple posts)

Wed, 24 Feb 1999 09:43:27 -0500


From: Rashaad T Thomas <>
Subject: Black Panthers-Who were they?

Hello, my name is Rashaad Thomas and I am a student who attends a
class that is studying different social movements during the Vietnam
War period. I would like to propose a question that relates to the
Black Panther Party. I have heard of all the bad that the Black
Panther Party was during this time, but there are sources that have
said they were good also. The thing is I hear more bad than good. If
anybody could give me any information on the Black Panther Party and
the good and the bad of the Black Panther Party, I would greatly
appreciate anyone's help. How did the Black Panther Party help the
black community and the Black Power Movement, and also the Civil
Rights Movement? What did the strategy "picking up your guns" mean in
the general attitude of both White and Black America?

Rashaad Thomas
University of Minnesota


From: "James L. Wood" <>
Subject: Re: Black Panthers

Read Bobby Seale, <italic>Seize the Time</italic>; also Huey Newton has
a Ph.D. dissertation at U.C. Santa Cruz, History of Consciousness
Dept., on repression of the Panthers.

James L. Wood <<>


From: "Jama Lazerow" <>
Subject: Re: Black Panthers

Kate -- The secondary literature (books and articles) on the Black
Panthers is huge (though there is no good history on them). There are
now quite a few memoirs as well. For the best recent bibliography,
see Charles Jones's _The Black Panther Party Reconsidered_ (Black
Classics Press). As for the original sources, much of their paper,
_The Black Panther_, is on microfilm, and there are some revealing
government reports (1970).

Hope that helps,

Jama Lazerow
Associate Professor of History
Wheelock College
Boston, MA 02215