Re: Minority women in the movement (multiple responses)

Wed, 24 Feb 1999 09:43:26 -0500


From: "James L. Wood" <>
Subject: Re: Minority women in the movement

See Kirkpatrick Sale, <italic>SDS</italic>, for related discussions.
Also see books and articles by Richard Flacks, Kenneth Keniston, Jo
Freeman, Barbara Deckard, James Wood, James Wood and Maurice Jackson,
Richard Braungart, Hal Jacobs, and <italic>A Taste of Power</italic>

James L. Wood <<>


I would think that a read of bell hooks "Teaching to Transgress" and "Feminist
Theory" might be a good starting place for a minority opinion, especially in
regard to theory v. practice.




Kristen,a good primary source for you on this question would be Prof.
Bettina Aptheker who is now a luminary at the Dept. of Women's Studies at
Univ. of Calif. at Santa Cruz. Tina was on the steering committee of the
Free Speech Movement and very active in the succeeding Anti-War Movement
and recently chaired a meeting which was a ceremony culminating in the
Annual Mario Savio Memorial Award for Activist of the Year. You may
write her at the above mentioned Dept. and University.