"A World of IDEAS: 30 hours for 30 years"

Ron Koster (psymon@istar.ca)
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 23:50:06 -0500

Hi everyone...

A friend of mine recently pointed out a site to me that might be of
interest to you all, which can be found at...


It is described there as follows...

As part of the celebrations around the 60th anniversary
of CBC Radio (and the 30th anniversary of IDEAS), we've
encoded 30 hour-long IDEAS programs and archived them here.
The programs are from the series "A World of IDEAS", a
retrospective look at the program IDEAS has aired since it
began in 1965. The first 20 program contain clips of early
IDEAS programs from each year of our history; the last ten
programs are one-hour condensations of the Massey Lectures
of the past decade.

In addition, we've included stories about how IDEAS came
to be: interviews with the people who started the program
30 years ago, including author Timothy Findley, who was our
"Fine Arts Editor" in the 60s.

These programs have been encoded in the RealAudio 2.0 format
for 14.4 or faster modems, or can be downloaded (about 3 megs
each). We've also prepared an explanation of how to use

No matter what your interest might be in the '60s (and/or the years
beyond), I'm sure that many of you might well be able to find some real
gems in there.

And no, I don't work for the CBC (I am Canadian, though!) -- I just thought
y'all might enjoy some of these just as much as I did.

Ron :)

PS. For ease of perusal, and if only to instigate your curiosity, I've
included below the descriptions (from the above site) for the programs for
the years 1965-74 (at the site they do have up until 1984 -- but that's
getting a bit off-topic for this list). I've only downloaded one so far
myself (1971), and found it quite interesting, and the description of the
vet's experiences in Nam quite moving -- and I was pleasantly surprised,
too, to hear Country Joe's "Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag" thrown in
there (better get those royalties, Joe!)... ;)


A World of IDEAS: 30 hours for 30 years


Marcuse writes Culture and Society; Rhodesia declares independence; Taylor
marries Burton. IDEAS examines Darwin and civil disobedience; Earle Birney
extols the uses of poetry; J.K. Galbraith considers "The Underdeveloped


Protests against Vietnam war heat up. Miniskirts are the rage. In Egypt,
Abu Simbel temples are saved. Truman Capote writes In Cold Blood. IDEAS
looks at Mao's China and The Beats; Paul Goodman talks about "The Moral
Ambiguity of America".


While Canada celebrates its centennial and Expo, the Six-Day War breaks
out, as do riots in American cities. A da Vinci painting sells for $6
million. On IDEAS: Black Power, Tom Wolfe, and the Massey Lectures given by
Rev. Martin Luther King.


King and Robert Kennedy are assassinated. Czechoslovakia invaded by USSR.
Worldwide student unrest. Andy Warhol shot. The Double Helix published. On
IDEAS: Hannah Arendt, Conor Cruise O'Brien, Robert Lowell, Noam Chomsky on
political violence.


Northern Ireland erupts. Yasser Arafat heads PLO. Charles becomes Prince of
Wales. Woodstock! Hair! Vonnegut writes Slaughterhouse-Five. First man on
moon! On IDEAS: Lester Pearson, utopias, George Grant, what history
"means", life on the tundra.


Theodore Roszak's The Making of a Counterculture. Four students are shot by
National Guard soldiers at Kent State. The FLQ assassinates Pierre Laporte.
Nobel Prize winner George Wald calls his IDEAS Massey Lectures "Therefore
Choose Life."


U.S. planes bomb Cambodia, Charles Manson is locked up, and Hank Aaron hits
his 600th homer. A Clockwork Orange. The Bell Jar. On IDEAS: a study of
evil, a look at LSD, and Robert Jay Lifton on death and survival in Vietnam.


Richard Nixon re-elected in a landslide, Maurice Chevalier dies, and a
Stone Age tribe is discovered in the Philippines. The Godfather packs the
cinemas. IDEAS looks at Shakespeare, jazz, Spain, the child, and features a
series on fate.


Dr. Henry Morgentaler acquitted, Salvadore Allende killed in Chile, OPEC
triggers an energy crisis. Deep Throat ruled obscene. On IDEAS: George
Woodcock, Gatsha Buthelezi and Stafford Beer examine literature, politics
and cybernetics.


Roman Polanski films Chinatown. Pierre Trudeau is re-elected; Nixon
resigns. The cost of living is on our minds. On IDEAS: critic George
Steiner, physicist Richard Feynman and philosopher Alan Watts analyze our
inner and outer lives.

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