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Subject: Re: Jesus Freaks

Re: Dave's post on the counterculture & Jesus freaks, a good source is
Steven Tipton's "Getting Saved from the Sixties," a study of the
"cult" traits in parts of the counterculture, link to drugs, etc.
It's a U.Calif. book that came out in 1982. Reading the account on
the "Plastercasters" was not only new to me, but I had to chuckle
when, after reading all the references to, uh, certain parts of the
anatomy, I read that it was from "Wally" --no personal insult
intended! Ted Morgan

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Subject: Jesus Freaks


I have a couple of questions about those who converted to Christianity
during the "Sixties". .. those that came to be first derogatively
called "Jesus freaks" ('once high on drugs, now high on Jesus') and
then Jesus People.

First, I am interested in hearing whether any on this board that were
participants during the Sixties ever thought that the Jesus freaks
constituted a significant portion of the counterculture.

Second, part of the reason I think that historians of the Sixties
overlook the Jesus freaks is perhaps they might be viewed as having
been co-opted by the right wing and the longstanding Protestant
tradition in North America. But yet, on the other hand, there were
many who didn't make any distinction between hippies selling LSD or
doling out tracts. I guess my question is. . . why aren't the Jesus
freaks included in the discussion of Sixties counterculture???


david di sabatino
queen's university