Left-wing summer camps (multiple responses)

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From: Scott Walter <slwalter@indiana.edu>
Subject: Re: your mail

There are several nice autobiographical accounts of the Left-wing summer
camps, including pieces in Kim Chernin's _In My Mother's House_. Also
Paul Mishler's dissertation (and soon book) _The Littlest Proletariat:
American Communists and their Children_ (1988). Linn Shapiro has an
edited volume of "red diaper baby" stories coming out of Illinois any time
now as well. Finally, there is an historian in Michigan (I think) who has
been working for some time on the history of the Left-wing summer camps. I
know he's published at least one article on the topic, but his name
escapes me (maybe someone else remembers).

Great topic


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From: MKlo@aol.com
Subject: Re:

You should contact Alice Grunfeld who directs Camp Kinderland, still going
strong after 75 years.

Mike Klonsky, alum


From: Ron Radosh <rradosh@us.net>
Subject: Re:

Since you ask, and although you won't like it, I should call your
attention to my article that just came out in the new issue of
Heterodoxy, called "Commie Camp, A Memory of Red Summers." You can
find it at the website of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture,


From: thomas.page@twsubbs.twsu.edu (THOMAS PAGE)

Folk University (Folk U.) met regularly on breaks and in the summers
at Don St. Clair's farm outside Mountain View, AK through the 60s and
into the 70s. I'd like to do a history of Folk U., too, but so much
to do and so little time. If I dig up a source (literaly), I'll pass
it on.

Music, raps, old blues players and singers from around the south,
labor radicals, and leftist and underground films at night was the
fare at the farm. We all chipped in in expenses and also paid dues to
Folk U. More later.

Tom Page
Lecturer in Political Science & MFA (Poetry)
Wichita State Univ. 67260


From: "ANDREW H. LEE" <leea@elmer4.bobst.nyu.edu>
Subject: Left camps, 50s-60s

Try this, though I am not sure of the dates. We also have some
materials on other camps, but we are not a circulating collection so
your student would have to come here to use the materials. Depending
on the definition of Left, you could also look at materials from Camp
Tamiment, but the published book (every Day concentrates on the theatrical
performances there ratehr than any political analysis. I have
included it also.

Leviatin, David. _ The followers of the trail : Jewish working-class
radicals in America._ New Haven : Yale University Press, 1989.
298 p. : ill. ; 24 x 21 cm.; includes bibliographical references.
SUBJECT(S) :Jews -- New York (N.Y.) -- Interviews
Jewish radicals -- New York (N.Y.) -- Interviews
Jewish communists -- New York (N.Y.) -- Interviews
Immigrants -- New York (N.Y.) -- Interviews Oral history
New York (N.Y.) -- Social life and customs

LoMonaco, Martha Schmoyer. _Every week, a Broadway revue : the Tamiment
Playhouse, 1921-1960. New York : Greenwood Press, 1992.

Andrew H. Lee
Tamiment Library "Neant, la Mecque des bibliotheques!"
New York University Jules Laforgue, Salome
70 Washington Square South
New York, New York 10012
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From: Barbara L Tischler <blt1@columbia.edu>
Subject: Re: your mail

Dear Ian and 60s List Participants,
On lefty summer camps, the best source may be Paul Mishler's work.
He's a good scholar and his book (I don't know if it's out yet) promises
to be really interesting. He lives in Manhattan and teaches at Queens
College (I think).


Barbara L. Tischler


From: robl@siu.edu (Robbie Lieberman)
Subject: Re: Summer Camps

Ian, This subject is discussed some in Robert Cantwell's When We Were
Good; I touch on the role of these camps in the 1930s and 1940s in
transmitting left culture in My Song Is My Weapon. Also, Paul Mishler
wrote a dissertation/book on the subject, but I don't think it has
been published yet. He teaches in New York City (Empire State?) and
would be worth contacting.

Robbie Lieberman