"Through the Looking Glass"

Sun, 22 Feb 98 18:52 EST

For doctoral research on women's prison narratives in the U.S. during
the 20th century, I am trying to locate any women who have ever been
affilitated with the women and children's prison newsletter "Through
the Looking Glass." It appears to have been published from about 1976
to 1985 out of Seattle, WA. The core group of editors may have been
connected to the Lesbian community there. I'm interested in both
activist women on the "outside" and women who made contributions to
the newsletter from the "inside."

A full run of this newsletter has yet to be located, although several
Universities own scattered issues/volumes. If you or your institution
owns any volumes of this newsletter, please contact me.

If you were *in any way* affiliated with the newsletter, please get in
touch. I would like to interview as many women as possible, from as
many perspectives as possible. This was a very radical publication
and my aim is to explore its impact in prison reform, as well as
document the contributions of possibly hundreds of imprisoned women
writers, poets, and radicals.

Please circulate this message as widely as you can. I welcome any
leads or information regarding the women who were involved with the

Donna Rowe
American Studies/Women's Studies Departments
University of Maryland College Park
email: dr70@umail.umd.edu