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Kali Tal (
Sun, 1 Feb 1998 12:57:12 -0700

>Has anyone heard anything about the next sixties generation conference? I
>seem to recall Kali Tal posting a message about a fall conference and
>saying there would be more info to come. I don't recall seeing anything
>since then. Does anyone know what's up with the conference?

It'll happen. I'm still trying to work out the dates. Given the fiasco
of my "nonrenewal" and subsequent rehiring at the U of AZ, things have
a bit... unorganized at what passes for the Viet Nam Generation offices
(my desk). But a conference will take place in the 1998-99 year,
definitely. It's looking more like Spring than Fall right now, so if
there are any other conferences with which you want to make sure it
doesn't conflict, please warn me about through *private* (not SIXTIES-L)


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