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Subject: Re: Another Query Re: SDS

Carl Oglesby lives in Boston I've heard. (Anyone remember his incredible
album? I remember an incredible song, Lemon Light.) He's interviewed in
Joan and Robert Morrison's From Camelot to Kent State: The 60s Experience
in the Words of those who Lived it. Times Books, 1987. I beleive Joan
teaches at CCNY or NYU so you might track her down.

Randy Fertel

>My research on REP will hinge very much on
>my ability to drum up a number of oral interviews, so any help anyone can
>offer will be hugely appreciated!

Randy Fertel
Tulane University
6120 Perrier St.
New Orleans LA 70118
504-891-1759 (phone/fax)


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Subject: Re: Another Query Re: SDS
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Re: John McMillian's (double!) request on SDS REP, etc.

First, I'd contact Howard Zinn in, I believe, Wayland, Mass. (maybe he still
gets mail through B.U.) on the AHA 1969 meeting. I believe that was the
meeting when Zinn and others introduced the motion to condemn the war in
Vietnam & call for immediate U.S. withdrawal. I've heard him refer to it in
lectures. (there's even a tape of a talk he gave in Portland OR in Nov. 1995
in which he mentions this event --available through David Barsamian's
wonderful collection of "Alternative Radio" tapes in Boulder CO) --contact me
for addresses.

The SDS list triggers quite a few fuzzy memories, so I don't know how much
this will help, but:

Dick Flacks is still (I believe) in Sociology at UC, Santa Barbara. His son,
Marc has been a sometimes participant on this list.

>Bill Ayers I think is in Chicago area; was interviewed in the PBS film on
Chicago '68.

>Sam C. Carrier Possibly (?) the same guy as the current Provost at Oberlin

>Donald Hall ?? Not the poet, Donald Hall, living in N.H.?

>Clark Kissinger Last I had contact with him (for my book), Clark was in
Washington, D.C. Still with, I think, Revolutionary Communist Party. I could
dig on this..

>Eric Mann: I think Eric has been involved on this list from time to time; a
community organizer, I believe, in L.A.

>Carl Oglesby: Last I knew still in Boston area (Somerville?)

>Paul Potter: Alas, long dead

That's not alot of the names, but hope it helps.
Ted Morgan

Department of Political Science
Maginnes Hall #9
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA 18015
phone: (610) 758-3345
fax: (610) 758-6554


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Subject: Another Query Re: SDS

The "Jane Adams" on your list may be the person who is now an Associate
Professor in the Department of Anthropology, Southern Illinois University,
Carbondale, Il. 62901 - who was involved in civil rights activism during the
Tony Williams



Subject: Re: Another Query Re: SDS


I have all the key people & many of the speakers (incl Art Waskow).
Some are dead (Jerry Badanes, Hal Benenson, Peter Henig, Carl Wittman,
Carol McEldowney, Paul Potter; some different names. Helen



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Subject: Re: Another Query Re: SDS

Al Haber used to be in Berkeley in the mid 80s. I don't know if he is still
there. He might have moved to Israel. Jerrey Tenney was a folksinger also
based in Berkeley in the early 90s.

Allen Cohen