sds, ERAP, Alternative media conf. AnnArbor

Wed, 4 Feb 1998 11:20:41 -0500 (EST)

I have a film that we ( Newsreel) distributed called Troublemakers about
early sds project (ERAP?) in NEWARk NJ. It is a great film about organizing.
The filmmakers were Robert Machover and Norman Fructer. It was made in
l965 (4?) The filmmakers went on to be part of the original New York
Newsreel in 1967, of which I was apart of. . It is a film of whites
going into NewarK, a Black neighborhood to help organize around a street
light signal( maybe a stop sign) where a black child had been hit by a car
and organizing in a mayorial campaign. The filmmakers were not in SDS as
they had finished college before SDS had started. Newsreel was considered
to be part of the media arm of SDS. I was sent as a Newsreel delegate to
some of the National meetings including the one in Austin and the Flint War
What are the other ERAP projects people know about?
And, I can't remember what the E in ERAP stands for?
Is there anyone out there that remembers an alternative media conference that
took place in Ann Arbor? (or was it Madison?) A whole bus load of us from
NYC went to it. Im looking for documents and memories from that conference.
Thanks, Roz