Canadian Movements (multiple responses)

Thu, 18 Dec 1997 19:40:49 -0500


From: Jim Wood <>
Subject: Re: Canadian Movements

Contact Rene Goldsmith Kasinsky at Lowell University in Lowell,
Massachusetts. She wrote a book on a related topic. Jim Wood

>I'm putting together a panel for a history conference and am looking for
>someone who can present a paper which deals with social/student
>movements in Canada in the 1960s. If you or anyone you know works on
>such a topic, please let me know. Feel free to repy directly to me.

James L. Wood <>


From: "Patrick J. Julian" <>
Subject: Re: Canadian Movements

I'm not the right guy for your panel but there is a guy (who I don't know)
named Ron Verzuh who wrote a book in 1989 called "Underground Times -
Canada's Flower Child Revolutionaries". I believe he lives in Ottawa and
may work for the Canadian Union of Public Employees.