Re: flower power hippie culture fashion consciousness drugs

Wed, 17 Dec 1997 17:33:08 EST

Re the request from the Paul Klee Gymnasium students in Germany on
"flower power hippie consciousness" etc., I happened to be idly
wondering if the old Zefferelli film "Brother Sun, Sister Moon"
doesn't project in rather pure form the "flower power/summer of love"
worldview and its connection to dress and even power (though avoiding
dealing with the patriarchic/oligarchic papal power, at the end)?
Obviously, I say this as someone who tried to somehow balance/merge
the "hippie" and Left/antiwar consciousness in that time - I mean, as
someone less aware than some may be of the differences between the
film's limits and the limits of "hippie consciousness".
There are also of course the many underground papers of the time--I
think of the East Village OTher (NYC), the Oracle (San Francisco), and
the Good Times (S.F.), and to a lesser extent the Berkeley Barb, the
Detroit and L.A. ones, etc.

Paula Friedman