Conspiracy Culture Conf CFP

Peter Knight (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 10:34:29 -0500


at King Alfred's College, Winchester, UK, 17th-19th July, 1998

We invite contributions from a wide range of disciplines on any aspect of
the culture of conspiracy, paranoia & alternative knowledges, focusing
predominantly -- but not exclusively -- on the United States, and on the
period 1945 to the present.

Topics could include:

* New World Order & globalisation
* Racial and ethnic paranoia, eg ghetto drugs
* Sexual paranoia
* Aliens & ufos, eg Roswell & Area 51
* National security state and freedom of information
* Assassinations and cover-ups
* Conspiracy on film and TV, eg _The X-Files_
* Viruses and body panics
* Paranoid literature (eg Pynchon, Burroughs, DeLillo)
* Conspiracy and the Internet
* Postmodern theory: fragmentation & connectedness

Keynote Speakers:

* Elaine Showalter
* Patrick O'Donnell

King Alfred's College is set on a green campus site in Winchester within
walking distance of the city centre. The city offers many sites of
historical interest, including the medieval Cathedral and (allegedly) King
Arthur's round table. There are many facilities for the visitor, and a full
range of shops, restaurants and pubs. Winchester is an hour by rail from
London Waterloo. Accommodation, meals, and all Conference sessions will
take place on the campus. There are concessions for graduate students and
for the un-waged. Please contact Alasdair Spark for a registration form
or for details of fees.

To propose a paper, please send abstracts (100-200 words) by January 30th
1998 (or soon after), or for further details contact:

Alasdair Spark Peter Knight
American Studies American Studies Program
King Alfred's College New York University
Winchester, Hants 285 Mercer St, 8th Floor
SO22 4NR New York, NY10003
Fax: +44 (0)1 962 827 458 Fax: 212 995 4371

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