The Mod Squad is Looking for a Few Good Men and Women
Sat, 20 Sep 1997 03:22:11 -0400

We had one response to our call for moderators. Come on, folks, we could
really use some new blood. There are around 600 people on the SIXTIES-L.
Surely more than one person has time and inclination to volunteer. If
you've been sitting on the fence, now's the time to jump off and pitch in.
If we get our full complement of five moderators, it won't take more than
an hour or two each week for each one of us.

SIXTIES-L is brought to you courtesy of Viet Nam Generation, Inc., and
the Sixties Project. The Sixties Project and the list are hosted by
the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, of the University
of Virginia at Charlottesville. We operate on volunteer labor and right
now we're seriously understaffed.

Qualifications for moderating:

1. Familiarity with the parameters of SIXTIES-L, and a willingness to
live within and support those parameters.

2. Reasonable comfort level with technology. It's nice if you know
the UNIX operating system, the pine mailer, and the EMACS editor, but
if you're anything short of rabidly technophobic and you've got access to
telnet, we can train you.

3. A very long fuse and the ability to say no firmly but politely.
Moderators regularly reject posts which fall outside the list parameters,
and all rejections must be accompanied by an explanation.

Drop me an email if you're interested in joing the Mod Squad.

Kali Tal
SIXTIES-L Co-moderator