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Last I heard--early yesterday 09-18--is that he will not be charged with
desertion. At the most AWOL. Marine Corp spokesperson said something to the
effect that he'll get a slap on the wrist.
But who knows.

j grant

>Yesterday in Reuters online there was an article regarding an
>unfortunate fellow who deserted from the Marines in 1968 and had
>landed immigrant status in Canada. He is unfortunate because he was
>recently busted at the border for desertion and is now being held in
>Camp Pendleton, despite the fact that he is a legal immigrant of
>Canada and his alleged "crime" took place almost thirty years ago.
>The man, Randy Caudill, is 48 and joined the Marines in 1966. Two
>years later he deserted. He will most likely be charged with
>desertion-a very serious crime in the military realm.
>I hope to have more info in the future...
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From: "James Cummins" <>


Your characterization of desertion as a "crime" would seem to indicate that
you believe it should not be a crime to desert in wortime if you do not
agree with the war that is being fought. I am afraid that no counntry's
legal system would agree with that premise, which I heard often during the
sixties. The minority of protestors cannot nullify the laws of the
majority in any democratic country. The suspect will have his day in
court, like any other citizen. Landed immigratn status in Canada does not
nullify his US citizenship.

Jim Cummins