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From: Joe Williams <>
Subject: Vietnam deserter: 31 years later ...

To All:

Definitely thought folks would find the article below of interest, if not
outrage. It's not over 'til it's over.


Joe Williams

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> Tuesday September 16 7:07 AM EDT
> WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuter) - An American who left the Marine Corps
> and fled to Canada in 1968 rather than serve in the Vietnam War, is
> being held at a California Marine base awaiting desertion charges, the
> Canadian Press news agency reported Tuesday.
> Randy Caudill, 48, was arrested on a routine trip across the
> Washington-Canadian border last week, when his name appeared on a
> clearance check.
> Caudill, who has landed immigrant status in Canada, was born in
> Oklahoma and grew up in Ohio. He joined the Marines in 1966 and left
> two years later after learning his unit was headed for Vietnam, the
> news agency reported.
> Caudill was put in a holding cell in Washington for two days, and then
> flown to San Diego, from where he was taken north to Camp Pendleton.
> There, he received a physical and was found "fit for confinement,"
> Staff Sgt. Glenn Holloway told CP Monday from Camp Pendleton.
> After one day at a Marine brig at Camp Pendleton, Caudill had a
> hearing and was released to a separations company, an area reserved
> for Marines about to leave the service.
> "He's in restricted status. He is permitted to go to the mess to eat,
> to the chaplain and that's pretty much the extent of his restrictions.
> We don't consider him a risk," Holloway said.
> It's expected Caudill will be formally charged this week with
> desertion.
> During the administration of President Jimmy Carter, amnesty was
> granted to draft dodgers but not to deserters.
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