Max Scheer and the Berkeley Barb (Multiple posts)
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 21:19:16 -0400


Dear Paula,

Thanks very much for your insights. It was an intensely
interesting time and I enjoy hearing about what you were
doing and thinking then.

The specific questions I'd like to have answered are:

* What were M. Scheer's self-described reasons for
starting the Barb? (to give a voice to the Left/radicals?
anti-war? fun? all or none of these?)

* Did he ever write down his reasons for starting the

* How did he come up with the money to start the Barb?
and how much did he need to start?

* What did he think of his newspaper by, say, 1967,
after the paper had been running for a while? Had it turned
into what he had envisioned at the beginning? What role did
he think it was fulfilling?

Some of the answers I can derive clearly from what you
wrote. If possible, however, I'd like to hear more directly
from Scheer's mouth. So, if you happen to come across Jane
Scheer and/or George Kaufman, I'd love to know whether they
would mind giving me their answers to these questions.

Thanks a lot!


P.S. No, I'm not aware of the 1963 Berkeley paper put out
by the Garsons. What was it? And why was its life so brief?

Andrew Beh
London School of Economics

From: (James L. Wood)

Max Scheer was a co-founder of the Berkeley Barb to originally help his
brother, Robert Scheer, in a mid-sixties Berkeley election. Robert Scheer
is now an LA Times columnist (with an e-mail address, I think). You should
contact him. Jim Wood

> Does anyone have specific knowledge about the foundings of
> the East Village Other and the Berkeley Barb? Cohen has
> written an excellent, short history of the genesis of the
> Oracle. I'm looking to write a similar history about these
> other two underground newspapers.
> Thanks.
> Andrew Beh
> London School of Economics
> Email: