Re: "Destruction of the Family"

Joe McDonald (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 14:18:18 -0700

Drieuxs' take on the family as a military brat is so interesting!
By the way the MINERA (women in/and the military) list is at this
moment talking about the experience of growing up in a military family
as a child and as a significant civilian other. It would be very
interesting to have the lists mingle over this subject. It is my
opinion that the boarders that seperate the military family and the
civilian family do us great harm. Perhaps they exist only because of
the old patriarchal system in civilian and military life. But when the
point of view of children and women in their tradional roles in civilian
and military life are factored in i am sure that the patriarchal system
will seem very different.
i am casting a vote to explore this further not only on the 60's list
but with the MINERVA list also. It could prove to be a very important
work from groups generally ignored in the past. Cheers, cjm
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