Re: International Influence of the Civil Rights Movement (multiple posts)
Fri, 30 May 1997 17:23:57 -0400

From: (Ted Morgan)

>I am interested in studying the international impact of the Civil Rights
>Movement from the 1960s to the present. Can anyone recommend the
>appropriate secondary sources to me? Thanks.
>Uche Egemonye

An interesting topic indeed! I can't recommend too many specific sources,
except to say that I have seen repeated references --in various places-- to
the CRM's impact on (a) So. African liberation movements, (b) Northern Ireland
self-determination movement, and (c) the German Greens (cf. Fritjof Capra &
Charlene Spretnak's "Green Promise" for the latter. Also, of course, the
interaction between the Civil Rights (and black power) Movement and the African
anti-colonialism movement. Lots of important connections. I think the Civil
Rights Movement was quite possibly the most significant single pro-democratic
movement of the century, and that includes those in the Eastern bloc (another
possible impact to explore).
Ted Morgan

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From: Tom Condit <>

When Dublin (Ireland) postal workers occupied the main post office there in
the early 1960s (I think it was in 1963), they sat in and sang "We Shall