Re: request for information (multiple posts)
Fri, 30 May 1997 17:23:55 -0400

From: (Ted Morgan)

Re: Paula's inquiry:
>Suzanne Boettger's post on art movements/retrospectives on the '60s struck
>me, as I am hoping to develop an exhibition (working title "Jews in the '60s
>Movement") at the Jewish museum in Berkeley where I work. I need to come up
>with possible sources of materials rather quickly, to propose this in the
>next couple of months. If anyone has suggestions - archives or persons with
>materials relating to this subject - could you please let me know? Thanks.
>Paula Friedman

I'd recommend getting in touch with Paul Berman/reading his "Tale of Two
Utopias" (even though I'm not real taken with what I've read of his argument)
--he treats the "sixties" as a kind of extension of the (New York) Jewish
left, sons/daughters of the Old NY Jewish left intellectuals.
Ted Morgan

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From: (James L. Wood)

Paula: My book, The Sources of American Student Activism, has data on
Jewish activists (along with Protestant and Catholic activists) in the
Berkely student movement of the 60s. See especially Chapter 9 on "The
Social-Economic Background of Activists." There are copies of the book in
U.C. Berkeley's libraries. Although Mario Savio's background was
Italian-Catholic, many other Berkeley leaders were Jewish. Issues stemming
from the sixties continue to be debated in Tikkun, as you likely know,
including discussions by Jewish activists of that period. Good luck with
your project, James L. Wood, Chair of Sociology, San Diego State University