Sixties monuments (multiple responses)

Sat, 22 Mar 1997 02:39:17 -0500


From: Aron Kay <>
Subject: Re: monuments

this sounds like a great idea...places like people's park, haight
street; grant park; hippie hill in golden gate park, etc. would be good
examples to start with..


Subject: Re: monuments

David Tillyer's mention of making the Chicago Hilton a 60s monument
brought to mind other places --like Grant & Lincoln Parks-- and my own
memory of being at a conference at the Hilton a year or so ago and
reflecting on the powerful history that was alive for me there but
invisible to the general public. I so agree that it would be
appropriate to, in some way, expropriate spaces like that for a
"people's" monument or marker of some kind --as a reminder or jog to
the public memory. I wonder how that could be done effectively, and
so that it would last (or maybe an "event" is a more appropriate
60s-style action). Maybe media "events" at such places at appropriate
anniversaries would be helpful reminders of what has become largely
invisible in the popular culture. Ted Morgan

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