reply: riot/rebellion,vietnam films

Fri, 21 Mar 1997 17:05:48 -0500 (EST)

Im not sure what Milinda meant when she wrote

>Also, the peace marches and the general race riots took the focus off
>the ethical aspects of the civil rights movements.> ......

What concerns me are the phrases "general race riots" . There are
always real reasons that engage folks to rebel. And, what are ethical
and what are non ethical aspects of rights?

After 68 the media focused on the Black Panther Party for Self Defense,
Angela Davis, Jonathan & George Jackson ........

I also remember loving Running on Empty. Good consulting Jonah. :)

I have a collection of films made and distributed by Newsreel , some
were made in North Vietnam . In the 70's we would go to Montreal to
meet with the North Vietnamese. We brought them Newsreel films and in
return they gave us films they had made in the North. I am interested
in learning from those that teach Sixties, Civil Rights, Vietnam etc.
history what films would be of interest for your classes.

You can email me directly if you choose. A partial list of our films is
available if you go to my home page and click on Newsreel. We hope soon
to put something up on the Sixties Project web site.

Roz Payne

Roz Payne