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> I am curious if any sixties viewers have any knowledge or memories or
>comments on Sean Flynn or the characterization of him. Some years back I
>read Michael Herr's book Dispatches which had some things to say about Sean
>Flynn in some greater depth.

There was a recent 'mini-series', autobiographical, by Tim Page [Paige?],
about the crew including himself and Sean Flynn. I'm not sure what
network or channel, but I liked it. It was called Frankie's Place or
perhaps Frankie's War.

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TANSTAAFL Productions & Close Call Theater at the Chicago Dramatists
Workshop are performing WAITING FOR SEAN FLYNN. "Set in 1975, as Saigon is
about to fall, palywrite Steve Patterson's play focuses on three
journalists who share a common bond in their friendship and the loss of
Sean Flynn.
Last performace June 1 (312-929-5083)
I'm driving over to catch a performance tonight.

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