Sean Flynn?

JAR2 ("JAR2"
Fri, 31 May 1996 11:32:09 -0400

I have an inquiry for sixties viewers:

Last weekend I watched a European made movie, "MIssion to Venice" that
starred Sean Flynn, son of famed Hollywood actor Errol Flynn. I'm not sure
if the movie is 1964 or 1965. Sean Flynn later went to Vietnam as
photographer/journalist for "Paris Match" and disappeared in Cambodia in
1970, apparently captured and killed by Khmer Rouge. Recent book on early
press coverage of American war in Vietnam made passing reference to Sean
Flynn as an adventurer with obvious "death wish".

I am curious if any sixties viewers have any knowledge or memories or
comments on Sean Flynn or the characterization of him. Some years back I
read Michael Herr's book Dispatches which had some things to say about Sean
Flynn in some greater depth.