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Fri, 31 May 1996 10:15:58 -0400

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> It is
>very interesting to note that the '60's' was a world wide
>phenomena and that, eventually, the USSR and Chinese youth
>rebelled in similiar fashion.
I think China needs a good imperialistic war. Afghanistan had the
same effect on the Soviet Union as Vietnam had on the U.S.
Entering Afghanistan from Iran in 1973, I, and my fellow travellers,
scored hash before finishing customs(visas were checked on on side of the
street and packs were searched on the other, the guys in the Coca-cola stand
in the middle were also vending hash).It was available everywhere I went,
for 2 cents a gram. The Afghanis were a tough, freedom-loving people who
were used to a hard life and who valued a warrior spirit.
This combination of a people who would fight a guerrilla war forever
and of drugs easily available to young soldiers, far from home, fighting a
war of questionable merit, had already helped to cause great changes in the
United States. Russia's 60's simply came in a different decade.


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