Re: FBI and the phones
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 09:02:45 -0400

What can I say but yes, I too remember that state of "paranoia"--what even a
rather square therapist I saw in the sixties called "don't call it paranoia
when they're really doing it"--and also the sense there would be, soon, some
form of revolution. The latter sense, beginning in 1967, well begun by 1968,
in the Bay Area anyway.
I remember leaving for France in 1970 with the feeling it was fine to
leave, to "retire" for a time from the Movement, since the rest would just be
"fill in".
To be honest with ourselves, though, we also had our own questions of our
own "revolutionary optimism". (Did you read my article in VG vol 6 (p.
82ff)? I go into this a bit, among other things, there.) And some people,
like friends of mine on our 1969- magazine collective, would warn of the
danger of --not extreme, abrupt repression/fascism but of growing threat from
the Right...indeed.
Paula Friedman