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Until fairly recently, there used to be a late night talk show on CNBC
called "Real Personal." It was a talk show, hosted by Bob Berkowitz, that
dealt with sexual issues. Sometime within the last year, they did a
Sixties retrospective show, and one of the guests was Melanie. Like all of
us who grew up during the Sixties, she's older and heavier. What she has
to so with sex during the Sixties was not made clear during the show, but
she did take part in the discussion and sing a little (she had her guitar
with her).

I remember that, at the end of every show, the viewers were told that
transcripts were available from a firm called Burrelle's. If you call CNBC
, they may be able to give you the complete address, and you may be able to
get the transcript or even a videotape of the show.

Justin Gustainis
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>thelen brett a wrote:
>> i was curious if anyone remembers melanie, the somewhat obscure folk rock
>> singer whose only claim to fame that i am aware of is that she performed at
>> the original woodstock? (she sang "beautiful people"...) most of her
>> recordings are covers (a lot of dylan, of course), but i have one tape
>> that i think is original. aside from my own personal interest in hearing
>> others' impressions of her, i'm thinking of writing a paper about her
>> music as a reflection of the times. does anybody know where i can find
>> information about her, or just have anything to share in general?
>> brett amy thelen