Re: FBI and the phones
Mon, 8 Apr 1996 18:50:46 -0400

Ron and others who replied to my posting, thanks.
You know, at the time (1966), noone believed me ("What makes you think you're
that important to them?" etc.), or they thought I was " being a silly woman"
to react to the weird phonecalls etc. with fear. And this was not an uncommon
response to those who got harassed, then.
The fact is, it's only now that people, like yourself, are starting to say
"Well yes, of course, that happened to me too."
And to my surprise, it sent shivers of gratitude through me to read this
One aim of such activity was, I agree absolutely, to provoke fear, but
another, I think, to create little splits among activists ("If you're so
paranoid, get out of the arena" or whatever); and I think we, and every
generation of activists, need to learn from the fact that, to some extent, it
did so.
Paula Friedman