Re: red diaper babies

drieux H. (
Wed, 20 Mar 1996 08:22:22 -0500

] I am trying to get in touch with other red diaper babies out there.
] Chris Christie
] UWP.Kenosha,WI

I would recommend that you read

We Are Your Sons: The Legacy of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
Written by their children Robert and Micahel Meeropol
c. 1975
ISBN 0-395-20552-2

Granted it is not perse about the Red Diaper's themselves,
but it would give you some sense of a starting point.

I of course would counter pose against it the more recent book:

Special Tasks
Pavel and Anatoli Sudoplatov
c. 1995
ISBN 0-316-82115-2

for the interesting dialectic between the head of Soviet Intelligence
Operations against the American Nuclear Facilities, and the somewhat
ironic reactions of the american left to Roesenberg case, made even
more comical by the fact that the case caused as much of a panik in
Lubyanka and the kremlin as it had done in their american counterparts,
in the main because the Players KNEW that the Rosenbergs were not the
first team, but the americans needed something to show that they were
not just giving away the House to the RedHordes, and turned the matter
into a cause celebre that has in many ways been the watershed of this
lovely time of ours.